We have trained personnel to work in detox and rehab centers.

nurse helps a man on an adult walkerRehabilitation centers are facilities where individuals who are chemically-dependent go to heal. People who are addicted to substances like alcohol and drugs undergo detoxifying processes in these institutions. They are taught healthier ways to cope with their problems, identify their triggers, and find the best courses of action to overcome their addiction. Among the professionals’ part of a detox center’s care team are nurses.

If you’re a nurse or healthcare professional who is passionate about helping individuals with substance addiction, then landing a role in a rehab center’s healthcare team would be ideal for you. In the same way, if you’re a rehab center looking for professionals to fill roles in your care team, then it would be important for you to have highly-qualified candidates to select from. Our agency strives to do our very best in both of these scenarios.

We’re always happy to be of assistance. Please don’t hesitate to talk to us for more on this particular service. You may call 206-228-3360 or send an email to info@humilitymedstaffing.com.