We staff nursing homes only with professionals.

caregiver assisting elder manNursing homes are care facilities where the elderly and health-challenged members of our community decide to receive care in when their homes are no longer conducive to a high quality of life. At these facilities, you have registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and certified nursing assistants teaming up to address and provide solutions for a patient’s complex medical needs.

Nursing homes are known mainly for their quality skilled nursing services which patients rely on regularly. These solutions include wound care and dressing, IV therapy, medication administration, injections, monitoring vitals, and so much more. With all these tasks to be accomplished to a good number of residents, it would be too much for the rest of the care team to bear if the facility gets short-staffed.

Humility Medical Staffing ensures that nursing homes gain access to an exceptional talent pool to help fill the part-time or full-time vacant positions in their facility with the right candidates. This allows the institutions working with us to bring a consistently high level of care even during their busiest hours. For additional information on this particular service, please don’t hesitate to call us at 206-228-3360. You may also send an email to info@humilitymedstaffing.com detailing your comments, questions, and suggestions.